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Let's face it, we all love bacon. It's the closest thing to ambrosia we mere mortals can get on this big blur marble. Sure, it may clog an artery or two, but isn't it worth the undeniable bliss that comes with munching on a strip or ten of salty, delicious bacon? If you wake up with some nostril-stinging dragon breath, and even your dogs are running away from you, then pop in Uncle Oinker's Bacon Mints and everyone, from your spouse to your pup will be begging for a morning kiss. When that special lady down the hall or at the club smells the intoxicating aroma of bacon on your breath, she won't be able to take her hands off you. Each collectible tine of Ungle Oinker's Bacon Mints contains 100 bacon-flavored breath fresheners.

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