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You’re probably wondering why a gift shop would be selling a bacon flavored mayo… the answer is simple. The greatest gift you could ever give someone is joy and that’s exactly what we think of Baconnaise – PURE JOY!!! It’s the greatest gift of all! There are ground breaking inventions like the wheel, the automobile, and the light bulb and now there’s a newcomer to our top-10 list… Baconnaise, the Ultimate Bacon Flavored Spread! It’s really THAT good. Baconnaise is a carefully researched and crafted spread that combines the taste of mayonnaise and sweet wonderful bacon. Phenomenal on sandwiches, salads, burgers, fries, dips and more. We’re pretty sure that you’ll never go back to regular mayo again after trying Baconnaise. Start your bacon adventure today – you’ll be glad you did. Baconnaise is vegetarian and certified kosher. 15 fl oz. Save the piggies – use Baconnaise instead!

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