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Help stave off the blurred vision of drunkenness with the binocular flask. Ok, so it may not help with the blurred vision, but at least you can hide some good hooch.
Sneak some hard stuff into your favorite sporting event and take a few swigs when they score or...dishearteningly don't. Heck, take a swig just for the heck of it.
These fake binoculars hold 16 ounces of your favorite beverage, making them perfect for warming you up at those late night games. You just unscrew the eyepieces and let the party begin.
What Do You Mean You Can’ See Straight
Those boring bird watching trips with grandpa will suddenly get a lot more interesting with the Binocular Flask. Fill the flask with a little bit of your favorite brew or hard stuff and head out into the wilderness. Grandpa won’t understand why your suddenly slurring your words, but he’s old so he’ll just think it’s one of those “Youngin” things.

The Specs, Features and Bragging Rights
-- Holds a full pint of liquor, or 16 - 1 oz. shots
-- Save money on drinks at the ballpark
-- Makes birdwatching almost enjoyable
-- Has two separate compartments to mix and match beverages
-- Looks just like real binoculars
-- Includes funnel for easy filling
-- Comes with handy binocular strap

Who Would Like The Binocular Flask?
Anyone who needs a little nip on the sly every now and then will love this little tool. It’s less conspicuous than a standard flask, but there may be people wondering why you carry binoculars everywhere you go. Just give them the ole Red Riding Hood Line, “The better to see you with.”

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