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You don’t have to be a professional wine connoisseur to enjoy the look and feel of the Wine Bottle Glass. This hilariously generous vessel is a wine bottle with a wine glass conveniently situated at the top.
We’ve all wished we could just drink straight out of the bottle and have it be socially acceptable. Finally, the Wine Bottle Glass gives you the validation you need. Everyone likes a glass or two of wine every now and then, there’s no reason why the Wine Bottle Glass can’t be your instrument of choice.
The Wine Bottle Glass makes the perfect gift for that wine lover that enjoys a bottle or two every now and then.
The entire bottle fits in this one glass! Perfection!
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Sure, I’ll Have A Glass of Wine
Who thinks those glasses of wine are just a little too small for everyone’s liking? I can’t imagine a better gift for your favorite wino…err, wine enthusiast…than the Full Bottle Wine Glass. There’s no sense mincing words when the goal is to fit an entire bottle of wine into a single glass. Fill her up and you’re good for the night.
Don’t drink your wine straight from the bottle -- that would be uncivilized.

- Wine glass is shaped like a wine bottle
- Made of glass
- Holds 750ml
- Measures 11½” tall
- Makes a hilarious gift for any wine lover

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