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Sure... he hasn't mastered the art of changing a diaper with his eyes closed at 4am, prepared a meal other than over-cooked hot pockets or gotten the kids to the bus stop on time... but he's not a bad dad! Let that dad know his valiant effort is appreciated, even if he's a little not so perfect, with our honestly hilarious Not-Bad Dad T-Shirt - complete with 3 out of 5 star rating! Who turns a play room into a man cave while the kid is still a baby? Dads are there to teach kids how to make fart noises with nearly every part of their body, how to spit loogies, suck them back up without breaking the "string" and indispensable life lessons such as, "Never trust a fart!" Heather grey shirt with cool dad blue/green and white diaper design. 52% Cotton, 48% Polyester. All of our t-shirts are a soft and comfortable fit with a modern look and feel for both men and women.

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