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Whether you fancy a book filled with short satirical stories, a classic novel or a book series filled with drama and adventure, you can't help but love the feeling of sitting down with an old book. There's nothing like the smell of the binding and the dust of your favorite book after it's been sitting on the bookshelf for a few months!

When you don't have time to curl up and read, use our Paperback Cologne Spray! It's a sweet and slightly musty scent that will remind you of your favorite pastime! You'll smell really smart!

Demeter creates scents that are drawn from memories to transport a person back to a special place or time.

Everyone has a personal library of meaningful smells. The memories they trigger are somehow more intense than those we dredge up by conscious effort. It's as if smell provides a shortcut to our deepest memories and brings them back complete with the emotions and sensations we felt at the time.

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