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Anyone who has had a sweater in the bathroom, and we’re not talking cardigans here, people, knows that trying to go number two while holding your phone is next to impossible. We take our phone in and maybe watch some Netflix or read some news, but texting isn’t easy…until now. The Potty Texter puts the power of Shexting in your hands…make sure to wash them after. You can spend precious time texting friends and family informative status updates like “Almost done!” and “We’ve got a floater!” Don’t miss out on important texting opportunities – sit down with the Potty Texter.
The Shexting Master
You’ve heard of sexting, but now you can be an expert at Shexting. Next time you’re on the throne, take a selfie and send it to your friends, but don’t forget the Potty Texter. You’ll want stability while you’re starting this social media (bowel) movement. If Michelangelo had this he’d be even more famous.
Specs, Features and Bragging Rights
- Hands-free texting from the toilet has never been easier
- Watch videos while you doo your duty
- Snugly, but safely, holds most smartphones in place vertically or horizontally
- Folds down to a compact size between uses or for travel
- Phone safely clamps into Potty Texter and can be adjusted for the perfect angle
- Awesome gift for moms who hide in the locked bathroom grasping for a moment of peace
- Comes in hilarious packaging that is guaranteed to make this the best gag gift ever given
Who Would Love Potty Texter?
This is the perfect gift for everyone who takes their phone everywhere they go. If you or a friend have a cell phone connected to you like a lifeline, then you’ll love texting while dropping a deuce or two. Just keep the Potty Texter in the bathroom for easy use and spend your private potty time being productive.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use this when I pee?
Unless you have a bladder the size of a basketball, you’re probably not going to have time to text and pee, but if the need arises, yes you can use this. In fact, you don’t have to be doing anything worthwhile in the bathroom to enjoy the Potty Texter.
Does it matter if my bathroom is smelly?
The great thing about cell phones is no one can smell what's going on. Sure, you can send pictures holding your nose, but the actual smell is tightly contained in the bathroom.
Can I use the Potty Texter while camping?
Does a bear poo in the woods? Of course! And, if he had the Potty Texter, he’d text while he squatted too! The compact design makes this hands-free cellphone accessory easy to pack and pop up when and wherever you decide some shexting is in order.

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