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Let Lefty Loosey
You’re an underrepresented minority and have the right to shout your condition from the rooftops. The Official Left Handers Mug is your way to let everyone know that you’re special and they’re not. The world never considers you, but you can drink comfortably with this specially designed mug, created just for you.
Specs, Features and Bragging Rights
- Makes a great gift for any Lefty in your lifey
- Hole on side of mug allows for only lefty's use without spilling
- Comes in fun gift box
- Holds 11 ounces
- Hand washing is suggested
Who Would Love the Official Left Handers Mug?
Hmm…who would be the most appropriate person for this amazing and thoughtful gift? How about a left-handed person? Left handers who are tired of conforming to mainstream drinkware will love this little bit of defiance. Finally - a mug that only they can use comfortably and not the other way around! Any wayward righty trying to buck the system will wind up with tell-tale coffee stain to mark his shame.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do they make a special mug for right handed people?
Yeah, it’s called “every other mug on the planet.” If you’re looking for a right-handed mug, then just go to the store because they’re all that way. Right handers are the majority and everything is catered to them. This ends now. This mug is everything to a left hander, and don’t you dare encroach upon their specialness.
Are there other left-handed items available?
Left-handed people are very rare, and we will try and get as many products as we can to help them. Our products are constantly evolving, so the best thing to do it just check back in frequently, because you never know what awesomeness will await. The time of the left hander is nigh, and is on the left handed bandwagon.

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