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It’s always exciting to make that daily list of chores and knock them out one by one. Alright, nobody actually knocks them all out, and they usually end up spilling over onto the next day. That’s what the Shit I Don’t Want To Do Notebook and Pen Set is for. Scrub the floors. Wash the dishes. Fold the laundry. Clean the gutters. You know, all the annoying things.
Life’s Full of Shit
There always seems to be more items on the to-do list than hours in the day – or week. That’s why we created the Shit I Don’t Want To Do Notebook and Pen Set. Anything that’s a pain in the neck gets filed in this compact, spiral notebook. Odds are it’s going to fill up fast, so get two or three.
Specs, Features and Bragging Rights
- Approximately 5 ¾ inches wide by 7 ¼ inches long
- Blank pages encourage you to splatter your shit anywhere on the page
- Spiral binding keeps pages secure so you don’t lose your shit
- Includes a pen held in a handy, built-in holder
Who Would Love the Shit I Don’t Want To Do Notebook and Pen Set?
This product was made for the busy mom or executive who’s always juggling a million tasks at once. Life never moves at a snail’s pace, so they need something that keeps track of all the shit they don’t want to do. Just be prepared to notice things you want them to do scribbled in the notebook.
Frequently Asked Questions
What if everything I do should be included?
If everything in your life from the moment you wake up until you go to bed is shit you don’t want to do, then you need to reevaluate your life choices. You can take a class, join clown school, or go rafting through white water rapids. Do anything to make your list shorter.
My boss noticed his chores in the book. What do I do?
Calm down, it’s all going to be alright. Just get her a Shit I Don’t Want To Do Notebook and Pen Set, so she can record all the tasks from her boss. The best thing about this notebook is that there’s always something to write down no matter who you are.

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